Bondi Brick – 4 x 600m / 6km / 500m

Brick session consisting of ocean swim, hill repeats and beach run with transition out front the North Bondi Surf Pavillion. Split totals 2.4km / 24km / 2km. Total time 1:40.

Starting with a run from North Bondi to South before making the transition to swim. Water temperature was a moderate 19.6 °C. Very comfortable for a non-wetsuit swim. A slight rip midway made for a slightly longer return to shore on each lap.

A deliberately hilly bike course (5-8% gradient) to focus on strength and power training with all climbs in the big chain ring. One very fast descent then some short flats to push out inside aero.

I stayed hydrated with Gatorade Endurance and replenished the calories with my own energy gel.

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