MSR Exo 2 System

• Strong: Titanium pot is incredibly strong yet ultralight.
• Compact: Efficient nesting design saves valuable space.
• Multi-Function: Pot lid doubles as a strainer.
• Includes: 1 x 2.4L titanium pot, 1 x strainer lid, 2 x DeepDish plates, 1 x Talon pot handle and 2 x insulated stainless steel mugs with lids.

MSR Superfly

• Universal: Multi-Mount interface fits most self-sealing domestic and international canisters.
• Fast: Boils 1 liter of water in 3 minutes.
• Full Flame Control: Allows precise flame adjustment, from a simmer to a boil.
• Ultra-light.

The North Face VE 25

• Suitable for lodging in severe conditions.
• Designed for expedition use from base camp to summit.
• Reinforced construction to ensure safety, warmth, and protection.
• Compact and lightweight: 61 cm x 23 cm compressed, 4.85 kg.


Continental GP Triathlon

• 3 ply / 330 TPI (high flexibility, low rolling resistance, low weight)
• Vectran liquid crystal polymer fibers (top puncture protection, extremely cut and tear resistant)
• Weight: 205g

Speedplay Zero Titanium

• Phenomenal light weight: 82g per pedal
• Dual-sided entry (pedal is always the right side up!)
• No spring tension for locking (unintended release is impossible)
• Great choice of pedal colours

Zipp 404 Clincher

• Very aerodynamic
• Everyday convenience of clincher tires
• Reliability of an aluminium brake track
• Total weight: 1658g (less than many full-carbon clinchers)
• Weakness: Crosswinds


Abundant Earth Organic Puffed Kamut

• Exceptionally high nutritional value
• More than 18% protein
• High in complex carbohydrates
• Less than 1g sugar

Artisse Organic All About Nuts

• Good source of energy (846 kJ / bar)
• Great for recovery / after training (12% protein)
• Contains 70% nuts (peanuts, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts)
• Good source of magnesium (to re-energise muscles) and arginine (remove lactates from the blood)
• Sweetened with agave nectar and brown rice syrup (very low GI)

Artisse Organic Cranberry Crunch

Artisse Organic Wholebars – Berry, Cherry & Almond

• Made from real dried fruit not concentrate
• Extruded – no syrup or binding agents
• Certified organic
• Gluten Free, Wheat Free & Dairy Free
• No Added Sugar

Artisse Organic Wholebars – Walnut and Acai

• Made from real dried fruit not concentrate
• Extruded – no syrup or binding agents
• Certified organic
• Gluten Free, Wheat Free & Dairy Free
• No Added Sugar

Clyne Foods Organic Sultanas

• 100% Australian owned
• 100% Australian fruit
• 99% fat free
• No added sugar

Goodness Superfoods Protein 1st

• Wheat free
• High in protein (19%)
• Rich in antioxidants
• Low GI (36)
• Non-GMO

Norganic Organic Corn Flakes

• Australian grown and made with locally sourced organic corn
• Wheat and gluten free
• Nut and dairy free
• Sweetened with organic fruit juice

SunRice Organic White Medium Grain

• High in complex carbs
• Low GI

Winners Energy Bar Cadel’s Mountain Mix

• All natural ingredients
• Contains easily digestible cereals (wholegrain oats, oat meal, oat bran)
• Low fat for quick absorption
• No added fructose (contains inulin, sucrose and dextrose)
• Low GI (for sustained energy – don’t expect a sugar rush)
• 100% Australian owned

Vitamins & Supplements

Blackmores Bio Magnesium

Blackmores Bio Zinc

Synergy Natural 100% Organic Spirulina

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