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RunLab – Week 1

VO2 Max

Split Lap1 Lap2 Lap3 Lap4 Lap5 Lap6 Energy 155 kcal
Time 1’26 1’30 1’29 1’33 1’27 1’28 Total 10’00
HR avg. 159 177 172 175 174 174 HR peak 187


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Eastern Suburbs Hills Loop

A short (25 km) but slightly more demanding ride (see MapMyRide), taking in 3 good hills; Bondi Beach to Dover Heights, Parsley Bay to Vaucluse and Bellevue Hill.

The ride was finished with coffee and brekky at Gusto Cafe in Paddington (Five Ways).

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Plyometric Training Session

Plyometric training with Luke Heath PT @ Fitness First, Park St.

Today marked new heights in plyometric training. Stack height = 100 cm (17 pillars).

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HERT Training Camp

Day 2: Charlotte Pass Out and Back
To Charlotte Pass

Cycling Speed Cadence Incline Heartrate
Distance 43 km Avg. 24.16 Avg. 87 Avg. 4% Alt. 1834m Avg. 163 kcal 1195
Time 1:46:08 Max. 77.76 Max. ~ Max. 9% Climb 1305m Max. 176 VO2max 1:28:04

To Jindabyne

Cycling Speed Cadence Incline Heartrate
Distance 43 km Avg. 33.78 Avg. 85 Avg. 5% Alt. 1840m Avg. 173 kcal 836
Time 1:17:14 Max. 73.30 Max. ~ Max. 12% Climb 484m Max. 173 VO2max 57:06

Day 3: Berridale and Dalgety Loop

Cycling Speed Cadence Incline Heartrate
Distance 84 km Avg. 26.60 Avg. 80 Avg. 6% Alt. 1203m Avg. 130 kcal 1431
Time 3:08:57 Max. 70.78 Max. 132 Max. 15% Climb 1365m Max. 179 VO2max 32:44

Day 4: Leather Barrel Creek Out and Back

Cycling Speed Cadence Incline Heartrate
Distance 104 km Avg. 26.77 Avg. 83 Avg. 5% Alt. 1594m Avg. 146 kcal 2226
Time 3:53:37 Max. 84.16 Max. ~ Max. 11% Climb 2124m Max. 169 VO2max 1:19:01

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Wollongong Time Trials

TT1: Albion Park to Wollongong

Cycling Speed Cadence Incline
Distance 24 km Avg. 35.81 kmh Avg. 98 rpm Avg. 1%
Time 40:10 Max. 57.78 kmh Max. 114 rpm Max. 4%

TT2: Wollongong to Albion Park

Cycling Speed Cadence Incline
Distance 21 km Avg. 35.67 kmh Avg. 102 rpm Avg. 2%
Time 34:45 Max. 53.13 kmh Max. 120 rpm Max. 5%

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Hills to Coast Power Session

A late afternoon burn with only an hour or so of daylight left. Starting out over Mt Terry then up Hillside Drive to Regal Heights. Returning along Tongarra Rd then out towards Shellharbour via the East West Link. Over the Stoney Range, along The Esplanade and upto Mt Warrigal. Wrapping along the coast to Warilla then back through Barrack Heights re-joining the East West Link then home.

Distance 36km Avg. Speed 31 kmh
Duration 1:08 Avg. Cadence 92 rpm
Climb 260m Avg. Incline 2%
Avg. Uphill 28 kmh Max. Incline 15%

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Bondi Brick – 4 x 600m / 6km / 500m

Brick session consisting of ocean swim, hill repeats and beach run with transition out front the North Bondi Surf Pavillion. Split totals 2.4km / 24km / 2km. Total time 1:40.

Starting with a run from North Bondi to South before making the transition to swim. Water temperature was a moderate 19.6 °C. Very comfortable for a non-wetsuit swim. A slight rip midway made for a slightly longer return to shore on each lap.

A deliberately hilly bike course (5-8% gradient) to focus on strength and power training with all climbs in the big chain ring. One very fast descent then some short flats to push out inside aero.

I stayed hydrated with Gatorade Endurance and replenished the calories with my own energy gel.

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Awaba MTB Park

A 1.5 hour drive north of Sydney for 2 laps of the 10.2km Red Loop XC trail; A pre-run to next week’s Spring Fat Tyre Festival.

The trail winds up and down through a mix of open grass land and rainforest. A few muddy sections with all the recent rain but otherwise in good condition.

The trail is very well built, relatively non-technical and features many bridges.

It took a little while to get re-initiated with the bike and re-gain confidence after 3 months of no mountain biking. Fortunately, no spills.

Was joined by my best mate, Jeeten and a number of fellow NobMob riders.


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Goulburn Grand Prix Cycle Challenge

An 85km loop, following the historic first Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix circuit of 1924.

Starting at Carr Confoy Park the ride rolls out through open farmlands of the Gundary Plain. Nice flat terrain to spin the legs over and warm up.

Just past the Goulburn Airport is the first climb and the first attack from some of the more competitive cyclists. Not overly difficult but enough to get the heart pumping!

Just over the hill and past the pine tree windbreaks, the warning from locals is to watch out for swooping magpies!

Past the Quialigo turnoff is the second testing climb up to the “cutting”. After the crest, it’s downhill and past the beautiful Windellema Public School.

At the 35km point you’ve arrived Windellama. Here you make a left turn, the only turn on the course and continue out past the markets on at the local hall.

Between Windellema and Bungonia the ride becomes more undulating but greater tree cover offers some shelter.

Jacqua Creek is at the 50km mark. After you cross the creek there is a challenging 5km climb to Lumley Road then into the historic village of Bungonia.

The village has a couple of historic churches, old police station and a public school. It’s also an opportunity to hop off the bike, stretch the legs and back, refill your bidons and have something to eat at the community hall.

From Bungonia the road tilts upwards and the bushland closes, making this one of the prettiest sections of the ride.

The next 13 kms is a series of 3 testing climbs to the top of Mountain Ash. This is where all your training and hill repeats will come in handy!

Mountain Ash is the highest point on the Grand Prix loop. From the top of Mountain Ash it is all downhill back to the Gundary Plain and back into Carr Confoy Park for your free drink and BBQ lunch.

Ride time 2:40.

Avg. speed 32.05 kmh. Max. 53.41 kmh
Avg. cadence 95 rpm. Max. 121 rpm

Temperature was a cool 10.4’C with a top of 22.7’C.

Total climb 874 m. Uphill distance 26.31 km. Climb time 1:04.
Avg. climb speed 24.59 kmh. Avg. incline 3%. Max 7%.

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S-Works Barmac Breakfast

A 26km sprint to Cronulla for poached eggs at the Alley Break Cafe and fitting a new S-Works Barmac to my bestmate’s Specialized Tarmac SL.

Ride time 45 mins.

Avg. speed 34.75 kmh. Max. 57.98 kmh
Avg. cadence 95 rpm. Max. 121 rpm

Temperature was a warm 19.8’C with a top of 23.9’C.

Total climb 235 m. Uphill distance 8.03 km. Climb time 16:27.
Avg. climb speed 29.44 kmh. Avg. incline 2%. Max 5%.

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