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21km Stuart Park to Bulli Return Run

07:00 – Wake up, sip a cup of warm water and down an Up’n’Go Energize
07:15 – Warm shower and stretch
07:45 – Arrive Stuart Park, warm up with a light jog to Belmore Basin and back
08:30 – Commence run
09:10 – Arrive Bulli, refuel with GU Roctane
09:55 – Return to Stuart Park, rehydrate with Gatorade Orange Ice
10:00 – Breakfast @ Diggies (North Beach)

Run data
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Duration: 1 hr 24 mins
Avg. HR: 171 bpm
HR peak: 178 bpm
Energy: 1080 kcal

HR @ Anaerobic Threshold: 57 mins
HR @ VO2 Max (Red Line): 25 mins

Avg. Speed: 4’20 / km
Max. Speed: 3’10 / km

Hopes of a sub 80 minute time were lost as a tight left hamstring and right hip flared up right from the start. But I was there to run, and no amount of pain was going to stop me… And it was worth it for the breakfast!

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